How did you become a model?

A friend told me that I should try it and that it is easy to get started so he took three polaroids of me and sent it to the agency and they were happy with me and they called me and that was it

How long have you been modeling?

it’s only a year now, I am kind of fresh!

What’s the best thing about it for you?

It gives you a lot, modeling is a way of expressing yourself generally in your life. You are growing not only as a model but as a person in total. And you can reach many new directions because it has changed everything in your life and how that was before you got into it.

What’s your best project so far?

I think it is the one I did here for Vogue Greece, it’s a beauty editorial and it is the nicest thing so far!

What is the best city for modeling for you?

This is my first time travelling abroad but I definitely want to try Paris, Milan and New York!

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

I like a lot. Jacquemus, Prada of course, Off-White, Marine Serre! 

Beauty or Style for you?

Beauty- it’s more general – it’s into everything!

What do you think is the biggest myth about models?

I think the idea that everyone is just thinking about themselves. We are a group, a community and we meet at castings and we become friends and we help each other and communicate! We are not impolite or simply selfish!

So… are models normal, ordinary people?

Some yes, some not! I do try to stay normal and down to earth!

What is the thing you are most complimented for in this job?

My face, my bone structure in my face, and my lips!

What is your biggest insecurity as a model?

Staying in shape. I am not that tall and when you lack height you have to stay in shape and always have the right measurements.

What is your best quality as a person?

That I try to stay normal actually, I am really focused and I can control a lot of things with my mind. I am both a thinker and a doer and I am well connected with myself!

How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?

I write a lot because I work hard and it can be very exhausting and through writing I let go everything. I draw a lot as well but mostly I do writing. Maybe I publish a book some day in the future like a diary … that would be a dream … but then I think this is so private how can I expose myself like that … I don’t know we’ll see!

How did the lockdown affect your life? What was the best and worst thing about it?

I think I did ok because I like being alone. Suddenly you had all this time to be on your own and personally I could use this time good!

What are your dreams about the future?

Reach more with modeling, because it’s a huge opportunity to move forward your life and growing with myself in general, make the most out of my life!

Make a wish for mankind

Look at yourself and try to understand who you really are! Self knowledge is very important because it will make you more consistent and less critical!