How did you become a model?

My best friend is also a model and she put of photo of us on instagram and a scout started texting me and I was … you know… my friend was the superstar, I was the shy one! Anyway, in the process there were more scouts texting me and I kept saying I would send them photos and I never did, until there was one woman who really pushed me and I finally took the photos and did some appointments with some agencies and signed with the one I am still in as my mother agency.

How long have you been modeling?

It’s two and a half years now.

What’s the best thing about it for you?

For me it’s adventure! Ever since I was a child I wanted to travel everywhere in the world, so now I have the chance. It’s kind of unpredictable you know … meeting all those people from all those different places. I study sociology so for me it’s great to have the chance to be part of some kind of societies for a while! You know, when you study about the differences between nations and societies and finally you are getting into it for some time, it changes your mind! And the fruit! I can taste all the different fruits there are in the world!

What’s your best project so far?

It was Marie Claire Greece, two years ago. Coming to Greece was my second contract and I was still a shy model that didn’t know how to behave. The castings were passing, the clients didn’t like me and then I met photographer Nikos Papadopoulos and he believed in me and booked me! Two days after I was shooting with him in Syntagma square at this luxurious hotel – you know the vey expensive one… so that was the first big thing I booked and it was in Greece so I love Greece! I have done some great staff ever since but this I will keep in my heart forever! 

What is the best city for modeling for you?

I love Athens cause everybody is chill here. I might be late for one hour and nobody would say anything to me. They way they treat models here is much better than other places. I think it’s the Greek mentality and how people are into family and tradition. Greek perception is more peaceful and understanding. I love working in Paris, cause you know it’s Paris – the capital of fashion- but the way they treat models can be a bit touching for me, leaving you to wait for hours, speaking in French and making comments… Tokyo is also one of my favorite cities. Everyone is taking care of each other and it’s also like a small family on the set all the time. They ask you if you need something, how you are feeling. It’s the Japanese mentality – their style of working!

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

I love the way of thinking of John Galliano. I had the opportunity to work with him for Maison Margiela and I was amazed! The Margiela is so different all the time, the casting, the clothes were amazing. I think Galliano has the best feeling of what is going on in the world! The shows are not simply shows, it’s so theatrical, you are entering the show and the visualization is beautiful, the music is divine and the choreography, OMG it’s so unique! The choreographer will show each of the models their style and everyone is different, he is also into transgender models and the variety of the characters is so cool! His whole team is the best! Take for example Pat McGrath –the makeup she does for all the designers is amazing but what she is doing with Margiela is something totally, extremely beautiful! I remember the show two years ago with the Tchaikovsky ballets at the background and the mirrors.. OMG… everything in this show was out of this world!

Beauty or Style for you?

Maybe beauty cause style changes constantly!

What do you think is the biggest myth about models?

That they are judging people by their appearance! Because they think that we only hang out with other models. We definitely don’t do that just because we work in this industry. Also we do not starve! I know fashion world can be a bit toxic and lately we lived all this big drama with zero sizes and sometimes the situation gets out of control but generally speaking we are normal people!

What is the thing you are most complimented for in this job?

I haven’t thought about actually… I think most of the times I hear good words for the fact that I also study and I am not just depending on modeling for a living and lately the situation with covid made us all think that you need to have another source of income so I try to build a future not only based on the fashion world!

What is your best quality as a person?

I am trying to be helpful and understanding. We live in a society that teaches us how to think only about ourselves, it’s like everything has to be so personal, about your own ego and never think of others … ok you are important but not more important that the other person!

How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?

I love cooking and baking for my friends and my family. I am vegan so I love to “veganize” traditional food and show my mum that I can do it do in my own vegan version! You know, she keeps teasing me about her food, always saying look how delicious that is but you can’s taste it and I am like ok wait for it! It’s like a challenge between us!

How did the lockdown affect your life? The best and worst thing about it?

It was some kind of journey into myself. I understood who I am and how important my family is to me! The truth is that the pause had a positive effect on me cause I had been travelling for the last two years and my life was in a constant rush and it was getting a bit toxic cause I want to be the best in what I do and with modeling this can’t happen. With your studies it can happen as long as you study hard but in modeling it takes so much more than trying!! So when everything stopped I had to ask myself:
Maria do you really need to be the best in everything and do you have to put all that pressure on yourself? So I decided to depend on other skills and qualities and started my studies!
Apart from that since I had all this free time I acquired a lot of new skills, like I cooked a lot… a lot!

What are your dreams about the future?

I want to live in a peaceful, environmentally friendly country, where there is freedom, democracy and the human rights are respected!

Make a wish for mankind

Love each other, respect each other, keep tradition in mind but at the same time try to really see others!