Tamara Dgebuadze



How did you become a model?

Actually I never thought that I would work as a model. I found out about modelling when I was sixteen years old and signed a contract with my mother agency, but because of my school and exams I never got really into it. Then after a few years in university I decided to take a break with studying for a while so I started doing modelling and now I just can’t stop.

Best and worst thing about modelling

The best and at the same time worst thing about modelling is the constant travelling. Best because you can visit a lot of places around the world and meet really nice people. Also because a contract is usually for 1-3 month, so you kinda can explore more than when you just visit a place for vacation. 
And at the same time it’s the worst part because of the distance -I hate it. You are so far from your family and friends, and even if you are making new friends, you have to leave them in a few months. Of course there are not big chances that you’ll meet again, but then again everything is possible and the model world is so small, so you never know.

Do you remember the first job you got?

Yeah, it was for editorial and I was a bit nervous. But it went well.

Best project so far and why

I don’t think that I have best project so far, but not because there’s wasn’t a good one or something, it just is always different and depends on a lot of things. Like today you can work for a really cool brand, tomorrow a team will be amazing. I had a lot of cool shootings in Greece: with horses, on the beach (I was standing on the chair in the water) etc. But sometimes it’s so simple. Like no make up, simple close ups, daily light.

Favourite city for modelling and what you like so much about it

Not easy to choose -it’s not possible to choose just one. Let’s say in Asia it’s Tokyo and Seoul. And Milan and Athens in Europe. In comparison to other models I’ve been almost nowhere, but for me those cities are places where (i hope) I’ll go back again and again.

Favourite fashion designer

I don’t have one!

Biggest cliché about models and tell us something other people can’t imagine about them

It’s about food -that all models are always on diet. No, no and no. Of course there are some girls who sit on diet, but come on. We are like all people like to eat unhealthy, junk food. Not all models are vegan or vegetarian.

Would you say models are normal people with normal lives?

There’s nothing normal in this world. But if we pretend, yes models are normal people (most of them). But it depends on what “normal” means. Of course for most of people it’s not normal to change the place where you live every few months. But you just get use to it.

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?

I love walking around, exploring new places, eating, omg I love food!! Always a tourist!!
I have a few hobbies, but I’m not really good at none of them. Like a little bit of everything. I can play ukulele, sing. Also I am trying to learn new languages -this one is going worse than others. And I love reading and drawing, but I can’t take a lot of books or things for drawing with me, that’s sad.

What is the thing you are most complimented for in this job?

Hm, the thing which I made no effort for (thank you to my parents for that!) my appearance I think. Like all other models.

What do you think is your biggest skill or quality as a person?

I have no idea to be honest!

Your dreams about the future

No dreams. Like I don’t have big plans for my future, everything is changing constantly.

Lockdown diaries – how did it affect your life?

Oh, I spent 8-9 month in Russia. At the beginning I was so upset about all that happened, I guess like we all. But it worked for me well, I spent a lot of time with my family, changed my mind about plenty of things. Like I wouldn’t say I wanna do it again, but it was good for me.

Make a wish for mankind and what is the one thing you would change in the world if you could?

I think I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe be more human than we are.